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We supply regular oil products from our Oil Refinery.

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Currently the company exports up to 1 million tons of oil products per month. By fast and flexible responding to the customers' demands OAO Varioganneft is a reliable partner. The open and clear sales scheme as well as the high quality of oil products enables the company not only to keep a high profile among the oil products exporters of the CIS countries, but also to strengthen the country's prestige in the global market.


OAO Varioganneft has developed its own distribution network: the company's subsidiaries are established in Russia Federation and Azerbajian which contributes a lot to forming long-term partnerships with final consumers of oil products in the European countries Asia USA and CIS. Thus the company and its subsidiaries take into account local market features and customer preferences and provides for timely response to changes in the market environment. The core of young and energetic team of OAO Varioganneft is a number of highly-qualified employees who came to the company from oil refining industry, having a considerable experience in the spheres of trading, logistics and finance. OAO Varioganneft is open for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

OAO Varioganneft has been implementing a policy aimed at ensuring a required balance of crude monetization channels, including crude oil processing at its own refining facilities in Russia and Germany, export sales under long-term and tender-based spot contracts, and domestic sales. The Company is monitoring the economic effectiveness of crude monetization channels on an ongoing basis, as a result, in 2014 the share of high margin channels increased to 40.2% of the total volume of crude (vs. 38.9% in 2013). In 2015, the Company supplied 86.6 mln tons of crude oil to the company-owned refineries in Russia, an 11% growth over 2013 supplies (77.8 mln tons). In addition to crude oil supplies to its own refineries in Russia.

Ilyasov Rustem Akhmerovich
Refinery General Director


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